C&A’ s Mission: Designing Poetic Human Settlements


THE C&A GROUP hopes to be well-known for its integrity, professional competence, extreme pursuit of art and innovative spirit.

We are both pragmatic and idealistic. THE C&A GROUP admires the perfect combination of art and technology, continuous learning, exploration and practice of advanced design concepts. We regard art and poetry as the highest goal of design. Our designs not only make people feel beautiful, but also expresse life connotation and poetic temperament, leading the life taste, life style and life attitude of people.

We are working on creating a poetic and beautiful living space in constant practice to promote people's happiness.


Design concept:Including poetry of life and constructing artistic residence

"Chengguan concentrates on everything", we construct a poetic and beautiful home environment through artistic and design techniques, blend sublimation and innovation.

Design features

Oriental | fashion | intellectuality| | modern | classic | vivid | active | combination| innovation| perfection

Enterpreneur spirit

Starting point: combination; crash; Leap
Continuation: diligence, upward , perfection
Persistence: elegance, poetical, delight


Talent concept

Providing a platform for outstanding talents to show their talents.
Providing excellent talents with opportunities to realize their life value.

Development concept: adhere to specialty, merge the innovation

Insisting on professionalism and maintain the industry's focus and expertise. Integrate innovation to provide creative solutions for the project.
We should firmly grasp the two principles of specialty and innovation. On the one hand, we should not let specialty become a self-styled barrier, nor let past experience become a stumbling block to innovation. On the other hand, we should abandon the pursuit of idealism and provide effective solutions for owners, but not to Overexpression of themself, continue to learn and practice in the professional field, improve and surpass themselves continuously.