Sample House of Zhongjiao Jinyue Villa

Location of the project:  Chongqing, China
Project area:  175 m²

This case is a duplex space structure, with a light luxurious metropolitan style. It not only has a pleasant spatial scale, but also has a good view of  main rooms. Besides, it also has a unique view terrace, which extends from inside to outside, from the noble enjoyment of residence to the real attitude towards home. It interprets the essence of Metropolitan luxury with low-key elegance, natural beauty and refreshing quality.

Designers believe that "Metropolitan style is suitable for people who always pursue exquisite life. They hope that space will highlight the spirit of the times, highlight the fashion temperament, high cohesive perception and unique taste. And the Zhongjiao Jinyue just meets the psychological demands of these people, with modern romantic dignity, without losing restraint and stability, beauty immersed in luxurious details, emitting a magnificent and elegant aroma of the city. ”