The work of THE C&A GROUP received A'DESIGN AWARD 2018 Design Award



The A' Design Award & Competition Design Reward, known as the "World's Largest International Design Award", announced the results of the 2017-2018 annual competition in April. Through the examination of 173 international authoritative judges, Champs-Tie's work "Model House of Jinyue Villa in Zhongjiao Jinyue" won the award of WINNER, Italian A'Design Award interior space design category in 2017.



A’ Design Award—Iron A’ Design Award Winner
【中 交 锦 悦 别 墅 样 板 房】



This year's contest covers 100 categories. There are more than 20,000 works from around the world. About 10% of the works can be scored in the next round. The A' design Award jury is composed of 173 authoritative people from different countries with different professional backgrounds, such as art, design and academia. It has been invited to form the largest and most influential jury in the world. The expert jury uses the form of anonymous scoring to select the winner of the competition.


The Sample house owner of Zhongjiao Jinyue villa has a light and luxurious metropolitan style. Not only the space scale is comfortable, all the main space has a good view, but also has a unique view terrace. From inside to outside, from the noble enjoyment of residence to the real attitude towards home, all of which interpret the essence of metropolitan luxury with low-key elegance, natural beauty and refreshing quality.


The purpose of this case is to integrate the fashion and intellectual atmosphere of the city, let the people in it enjoy the elegance, and let life hum the blues of the soul all the time.



This award is not only an honor but also a responsibility for the C&A Group. It undoubtedly has significance and value beyond the award itself. In the new year, we have a long way to go, and continue to work hard to make better designs. At the same time, I am particularly grateful for the trust and support of Zhongjiao Real Estate and all the partners who have worked hard with us.



Established in 2011, THE C&A GROUP provides integrated solutions for interior and soft-wear design, covering hotels, clubs, sales centers, sample rooms and private residences. The company adheres to the enterprise development concept of "insisting on specialty, integrating innovation", adheres to the development strategy of specialization, refinement and branding, bases itself on Shanghai, lays out the whole world, and continuously develops and innovates. It has become a national competitive and brand-renowned soft-wear design company.


Creative Team of THE C&A GROUP is composed of design experts from China, Europe and the United States and other countries, 70% of them are senior designers who have worked for more than 10 years. They have an international vision and innovative spirit of cross-border integration. They uphold the design concept of "Including poetry of life and creating artistic human settlements". In the past eight years, they have completed more than 100 elegant spaces full of contemporary flavor, covering more than 20 countries. A city. Maintain long-term strategic partnership with front-line developers and enterprises such as Greenbelt, Greentown, Baoli, Luneng, Zhongjiao, Biguiyuan, Pioneer, Yinji and Zhongzhou.